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One Tree Planted

  • How do I know if a product I purchased planted a tree?

    Just look for the seal! You make an impact by purchasing any pre-pack flower stamped with “THIS PRODUCT PLANTS TREES”!

  • Where are the trees planted? 

    This Summer our focus is to regenerate the Eastern portion of Montana’s Custer Gallatin National Forest. It stretches from south-central Montana to northwestern South Dakota and allows visitors to explore large wilderness landscapes, high peaks, rolling hills and vast stretches of open prairie intermixed with green islands alongside streams, lakes and rivers. Restoring the damage from this fire allows visitors of the park to keep enjoying everything that the Custer Gallatin Park has to offer.

  • What types of trees are planted? 

    Ponderosa Pines, Douglas Fir, Jeffrey Pine and Incense Cedar.

  • Where can I find flower to begin my impact? 

    Earth’s Healing, Curaleaf, Marigold, and Sunday Goods carry our full flower line.